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My experience in a tailoring in Salento

Hello everyone, in the past few months my life was on the high notes: I went to the Salento area to visit a tailor shop called “Degas” where you can create your tutù for ballet competitions or shows. It can be considered a normal dance shop because you can find ballet shoes, leotards, skirts, pointe shoes and all the necessary for every ballet dancer!😍 It seemed I was in another world!

Here, a beautiful and vibrant tailor showed me how to create a professional or semi-professional tutù.

First of all, she showed me which fabrics I want for this tutù. She asked me what kind of ballet opera I would like to do and I said: Aurora from “The Sleeping Beauty”. Then we started to create my tutù. I chose a white tutù with 7 veils and a particular lace with floreal decorations sewn by hand on tutù. Then I wanted to add a short sleeve on my arms and a beautiful sparkling tiara. In that way I felt like a princess from Disney films, it was a beautiful experience, I couldn’t believe that I was performing my solo on stage.

The staff was incredible, the result of their good work was exceptional, they were always available for me and I’m so grateful because they have realized my dream and my need in less than a month.

Due to living in a family of five where only the father provides for everyone’s school needs, it’s Christmas time and I am in need of funds, only with your great help I can reach my goals and dreams. Every donation, small or large is much appreciated.

If you would like to donate, please click on this link:

I hope there’ll be other opportunities that will allow me to reach my new goals so wish me good luck!

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2 Replies to “My experience in a tailoring in Salento”

  1. Reblogged this on Valentina Expressions and commented:
    It is my pleasure to reblog Paola’s post of her experience designing her first important tutu’ at Degas Tailor in Italy.
    This is what the owner of the shop had to say: “It is always a big pleasure to dress beautiful and prepared ballerinas such as Paola. She is one of the Maestro Domenico Iannone’s pupils at Compagnia AltraDanza and a student of Maestra Sabrina Speranza at Unika School Academy in Bari. Paola reached a high level of grades performing at an international competition and she wore this candid white tutu’ made here at Degas.”
    Brava Paola, you will go a long way! I wished I was there to see you wearing that beautiful tutu’.

    Paola is very diligent with her training, very competitive, she is focused on her goals, and she is a high grades student in high school as well, but it is not enough.
    As she rightly says, the ballerina school is very expensive and when only one person provides for everyone in the family, it becomes a huge challenge to continue her studies. She needs funds, let’s help her out, it’s Christmas, what’s one more gift?

    Paola, your lucky star is near, make sure you catch it when it falls off the sky. Wishing you a good rest of the holidays and a splendid year. With love,


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